In 1789 the world changed. Not on July 14th but in the winter in France of the first year of the revolution.

To avoid complete bankruptcy of the state of the Ancien Regime, the protagonists of the bourgeoisie introduced Assignats.

Assignats are banknotes which guarantee the holder a share of the church’s wealth.

This helped to raise loan capital which was essential to the revolution. Under the state of Louis XVI it was decreed on November 2nd1789 that the land including all buildings belonging to the church should be confiscated. This would in part help to repay the national debt.

This historical act was unprecedented and was the first step in the Transformation to subdue the force of Bourgeois Law. Firstly in France and then spreading outside the “Grande Nation”: I buy, therefore it belongs to me.

This simple logic of the market became law under the Emperor Napoleon Buonaparte.

Known as the „Code Civile des Français” it was enforced worldwide and in some areas, whose people have not yet surrendered to bourgeois law, the weapons are speaking even today.

The right to own the land can only be described as a barbaric law.

The assertion that the creation of National States corresponds to Immanuel Kant’s theory of “Practical Reason” can be refuted: but who reads Kant? Who is concerned about such circumstances? The majority of people orientate themselves on the ruling media and as long as they are better off than the people outside their houses they will vote for the political party that promises to put food on their table.

They imagine to be safe, but having gained the right to own land they have opened Pandora`s Box.

Only few years later the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere began to rise exponentially. The earth’s natural resources that been grown over millions of years are being used up for their markets. The equality of people, on which the Bourgeois Law is based, means that this Law forces the people only to watch the climate change.

It must be doubted if the hope that was left in Pandora´s Box will be able to stop the climate change. One thing we can be certain of is that the political parties won't stop it.

Only if the Property Law is repealed quickly and the land is given back to nature, only then may we look into the future with more confidence. The land belongs only to nature. Man cannot override this truth.

The author doesn’t only explain, he also offers a way out with a system of disposal and voting rights on the use of the land, so that the latter can hopefully be administrated by the common reason of man in the future.